DBOX is a free BBS package available since 1996. It supports a large number of message formats such as RFC/UUCP, ZConnect, Janus/Janus2, Alphabox, and GSbox. It is designed for large installations and includes a WWW-package with Email/HTML Gateway, HTML online shop, supports POP3/IMAP4 and personal homepages with HTTP/FTP upload. Read more...

There are some spin-offs, e.g. dkimap4, which is a standalone IMAP4 server.

Copying policy: GPL
Supported platforms: Unix, Win32 (Win95, 98, 2000, NT)

  • Jan 22 2004: dkimap4 3.00 Beta released
  • Apr 06 2003: dbox 2.41 released
  • May 10 2002: dkimap4 2.39 released
  • Jul 25 2001: dbox 2.36 released
  • Jan 25 2001: dkimap4 2.30 released
2.21 libdbox: fixed parsing of from header (online/webonline)
updated default.nls
added copyright note to files
libdbox: fixes in textprofile.C
online: fixed ostatus.C
oserv: fixes in janus.C (maybe fixes CHARON calls)
online: webbrowser now supports nested tables
2.20 updated default.nls
updated html files
fixed typos in spool/spoolzc?.C
online/webonline: more modularization
online/debris: now has a progress bar
2.19 libdbox: rfc1522: _ is now decoded to space
dboximap4: fixed BODYSTRUCTURE
updated duucp binary
dboximap4: added some SEARCH keys
online: editor now works again
online: fixed most help pages
billgen: should work now
2.18 webonline/online: improved webmail text formatting
online: small changes to the HTML formatter
webonline: webmail now shows 100 mails per page
webonline: fixed a serious bug in http.C
ostat: added -v option
webonline: webmail now supports download of attachments
webonline: webmail now supports RFC1522
libdbox: sfolderrfc now supports RFC1522
dboxftpd now supports RMD
started deliver
online: fixed mail reader
libdbox: fixed mime_decode for base64 encodings
webonline: added preauth argument
added grant system
webonline: webmail/delete now uses a redirection
webonline: htmltools moved into libdbox
online: now has an internal http client, lynx is no longer needed
online: fixes in the html formatter
dboximap4: improved message set commands
dboximap4: store is now much faster
dboximap4: uid cache fixes
dboximap4: protocol fixes
dboximap4: implemented COPY
dboximap4: fixed folder matching
dboximap4: added SUBSCRIBE and UNSUBSCRIBE
dboximap4: fixed STATUS
libdbox: nls now uses []
online: webbrowser/debris now uses nls
online: webbrowser/debris now honors terminal size
online: fixed uppercase host names
libdbox: fixed info_box and error_box
online: fixed sign warnings in editor.C
online: webbrowser/debris: improved form support
online: webbrowser/debris: now has a search function (key /)
online: webbrowser/debris: now shows connection errors
online: webbrowser/debris: now displays text/plain
online: webbrowser/debris: now formats <th>
online: webbrowser/debris: added history function (backspace)
online: webbrowser/debris: now supports news://server/<MID>